Tools of our (artistic) trade

In this week’s blog post I draw attention to three artist resources that I have created on my site in the hope that some of my readers may find this useful. Resources such as these are the tools, the ‘cutlery’ of our trade.

Material Investigations

I investigated how to use foreign currency and bubble wrap in two separate posts that can be found here

Part of planning an artwork involves getting to know the materials we might consider using in that work, experimenting with methods to manipulate and alter those materials to gain different effects.

Artist Research

I’ve updated the artist research page with more work from other artists. These can be found here

Investigating how other artists approach a project, what materials they use and their intention behind an artwork serves to inform and inspire me when I contemplate a new artwork.

Galleries, Museums & Exhibitions

This is a valuable list of over 200 galleries that host the artworks of many wonderful artists. The list can be accessed from here

I’ve alphabetized the list now for easier navigation and I’ve updated it with more entries which I will continue to add to.

Here’s to your creative genius!


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