My Artwork

Scrunched Paper

Scrunched Paper is so much more difficult to draw than what one thinks!

Facial Features – Quick Study

I love the lines & folds on this face. I simply had to sketch it.

Dining Room

Sepia ink wash of my dining room.


Pomegranates; watercolour still life.

Pointillist Vase

Vase painted in the Pointillist style.

Black-on-black Still Life

Charcoal & chalk, Black-on-black still life.

Left Hand

Quick sketch of my left hand.


“Addiction.” Graphite, charcoal and turpentine.


Graphite sketch, white-on-white still life.

Home Studio

Ink wash sketch of my studio.


iPad sketch, portrait of a friend.

Green Beans

Green bean watercolour.

Old White Shoe

My first attempt at using pastels. There is an abundance of subjects to draw all around us, in this still life I chose a well-worn old shoe.

Antique Spoon

This was a 10-minute tonal study of an antique spoon done on toned paper.  

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