Awesomesauce Award


I created a (somewhat cheesy) award for contributors to my ‘Artist Interview’ series on the blog, just as a thank you to these amazing artists for their time and wisdom. This award will randomly be awarded to others who inspire me over the course of this year, and of course to all interviewees. If you are an artist willing to be interviewed for this series please contact me.

If you are pretty awesome and talented and would like to boast an awesomesauce award on your blog too, send me a comment with your blog’s url. If you would like to nominate someone else’s blog for the award, send me a comment with their url too. 😉

Recipients of the awesomesauce award to date are:
Gaye Tait
Andrea Lumsden
Stephen Tiernan
Tracey Fletcher King

Click on the links above to see for yourselves how awesome these artists are.