Soapstone Moth

I’ve always been a bit afraid of moths but this particular little critter is in decline which is threatening species like the pygmy possum who depends on it for essential proteins.

Working in soapstone (a first for me) was a satisfying experience. I love how the colours and markings in the stone revealed themselves later, once I waxed the sculpture. The rusted dome represents the environment that is eroding and decaying at a terrifying rate due to climate change, placing so many vulnerable creatures at risk of extinction.

Soapstone sculpture in its raw form, before polishing
Bogong Moth, 2019. Soapstone sculpture mounted on rusted metal
Bogong Moth, 2019. Soapstone sculpture mounted on rusted metal

I think it is important to do what we can to address concerns like climate change and the extinction of species. As artists we can use our skills to bring attention to these important issues, which is what a dedicated group of artists working on a project called CARE (Concerned Artists Resisting Extinction) is doing right now. Smaller artworks (like this little moth) will be presented to the environment minister at Parliament in Canberra next month. The CARE project is ongoing as we continue working on larger artworks for several simultaneous group exhibitions in and around the Gippsland area next year.

We can feel defeated, or we can face our fears and try to make a difference no matter how small, to save our planet. I’d love to hear what you are doing for the environment today in your own small way.