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10 Creative Ideas

Lazy Sundays. Those are the best kind. It’s also the perfect time to get your art on! Below are 10 ideas to inspire your creativity today. Organise your art supplies. Need inspiration? See what this art blogger did. Visit an art gallery or museum…

A Creative Life

As I was reading journal article called A Creative Life by Susan Brandeis I saw more and more parallels between artists and shamans. This is not the first time that similarities between the two have become apparent to me. In Shamanism the practitioner experiences…

Studio Practice Hours – freebie

Artists and art students like me have to plan our time well. We’re all juggling many different tasks daily. Our families, our work and even our social lives take up big chunks of our time. In order to create art we need to allocate time…

Tools of our (artistic) trade

Resources for artists and art lovers

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