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Serenity (in Green)

What I really like about this painting is how the green background ‘bleeds’ through into the skin tones.

Post Humanism

What might we look like in a Post Humanism world?  My dark creative mind immediately conjured a dystopian future. Yeah, pretty grim stuff but someone’s gotta do it. 

Mark Making with the Body

While examining the marks we make on our environment with our body I decided to focus on an old pair of favourite shoes that I have thoroughly worn out.

Enlightenment for Sale

My work will examine the appropriation and subversion of spirituality. This will be a focus on the exploitation of people seeking spiritual enlightenment by individuals who have commercialised spirituality, making it a consumer commodity, to lure people with false promises and absurd claims whilst motivated only by money.

Working with Time: Interior & Exterior

The style that I was playing with in both paintings is Fauve Expressionism, whereas I will be attempting classical realism in the reinterpretation of this exercise over the next few weeks.

Behind Lace

A few weeks ago I was working on an art project that involved subverting an architectural structure in a way that changes its original meaning. The building I focussed on was an old Victorian theatre (built in 1876) which I decided to conceal behind… Continue Reading “Behind Lace”

She’ll be apples mate

I am going gang busters at the moment, there’s hardly time to go to the dunny!

Scrunched Paper

Sketching scrunched paper, more challenging than it looks.

Dining Room

Sepia ink wash of my dining room.

Pointillist Vase

Pointillist Vase, 2015. Acrylic paint on primed paper. Size: A4.

Black-on-black still life

Black-on-black Sill life, 2015. Charcoal, chalk & turpentine on watercolour paper. Size: A2. This was a uni project for my drawing unit earlier in the year.


Addiction, 2015. Graphite, charcoal & turpentine. A1 This is something I sketched during my first drawing unit earlier on in the year. I wanted to depict the despair and desperation that addicts as well as their loved ones go through. Some of the figures inside the… Continue Reading “Addiction”

White on White – Still Life

White-on-white, 2015. Graphite on paper. A3 I sketched this white-on-white still life a few months ago during my 1st year Drawing unit.

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