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Patio in Perspective

I really struggled with this exercise, almost threw the towel in a couple of times but glad that I persisted. This was one of my better outcomes. I guess my tutor was right, practice, practice, practice. How cool are those tree shadows cast onto… Continue Reading “Patio in Perspective”

Antique Spoon

This was a 10-minute tonal study of an antique spoon done on toned paper.  

Old White Shoe

My first attempt at using pastels. There is an abundance of subjects to draw all around us, in this still life I chose a well-worn old shoe.

Leonardo da Vinci, c.1604. ‘Battle of Anghiari’

Home Studio

Ink wash sketch of my studio.


Graphite sketch, white-on-white still life.


“Addiction.” Graphite, charcoal and turpentine.

Left Hand

Quick sketch of my left hand.

Black-on-black Still Life

Charcoal & chalk, Black-on-black still life.

Facial Features – Quick Study

I love the lines & folds on this face. I simply had to sketch it.

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