Project Tag: Sculpture

Homemade Paper Maché Clay

Furthering my investigations into paper as a material I sourced a wonderful paper maché clay recipe from Ultimate Paper Maché, a great site for paper maché know-how. I did adapt the recipe somewhat to Australian products but other than that I followed their recipe… Continue Reading “Homemade Paper Maché Clay”


Material explorations of a feather

Soda Can

Exploring the materiality of a soda can

Bottle Top

Material investigations into a bottle top

Clothes Peg

Materially investigating a clothes peg.

Copper Wire

Material investigation into copper wire

Nylon Stocking

My material investigations with nylon stocking

Candle Wax

My material investigations working with candle wax

Ken & Julia Yonetani

An exquisite sculpture by Ken & Julia Yonetani, created entirely out of groundwater salt.

Bubble Wrap

Material investigations of bubble wrap

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