100 Portraits Project

4/100 Portraits: ‘Anxiety’

This is my second digitally painted portrait on the iPad Pro. I am currently focussing on facial expressions, this one shows anxiety. Initially I made the shading behind her head bright yellow but that was too cheerful. It’s amazing how colour affects the reading of an artwork work and how it affects our emotions. I … Continue reading 4/100 Portraits: ‘Anxiety’

3/100 Serenity in Green

I am the proud new owner of an iPad Pro and Apple pencil. What incredible tools for an artist, especially paired with the ProCreate App! In this digital portrait I tried to create a painterly style with soft edges and visible brush strokes. I am also experimenting with colour as an emotional trigger. My current … Continue reading 3/100 Serenity in Green

2/100 -Facial Planes Study

A study of Frederic Fiebig’s 1905 Self Portrait. Oil on canvas.

1/100 – Facial Planes Study

A study of the facial planes of a mannequin head. Oil on canvas.