Inktober 2018

31/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Slice’

Ending on a sweet note.

30/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Jolt’

Shocking revelation!

29/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Double’

Seeing double?

28/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Gift’

The gift of companionship.

27/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Thunder’

Uh-oh… Run!

26/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Stretch’

How far can it s-t-r-e-t-c-h before it snaps?

25/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Prickly’

Prickly or not, he’s kinda cute.

24/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Chop’

A stylish haircut for a trendsetter.

23/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Muddy’

A mud mask anyone?

22/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Expensive’

Our most precious resource.

21/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Drain’

Don’t forget to drain and replace the water.

20/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Breakable’

Don’t go breaking my heart.

19/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Scorched’

Roasting marshmallows, delicious until we scorch them.

18/31 Inktober 2018: ‘Bottle’

Bottle on a glass shelf – looking up from below.

17/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Swollen’

Cankles! Today’s prompt: ‘Swollen’

16/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Angular’

I wonder if her tongue is as sharp as the angles on her face.

15/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Weak’

We’re only as strong as the weakest link.

14/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Clock’

Hubby built me a grandfather clock once, perfect for today’s prompt.

13/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Guarded’

For ‘Guarded’ I drew this little cutie, the happiest guard you’ve ever seen.

12/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Whale’

This beauty is for today’s Inktober prompt: ‘Whale’

11/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Cruel’

Ol’ evil eyes, the face of cruelty.

10/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Flowing’

Today’s prompt for Inktober is ‘flowing.’ 

9/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Precious’

Today’s prompt is ‘precious,’ which of course meant I had to draw my  most precious Dobb-Dobbs. 

8/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Star’

I had to get a bit creative with today’s prompt ‘Star’ so drew a star anise pod instead.

7/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Exhausted’

One week into Inktober already. Today’s prompt is ‘Exhausted.’

6/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Drool’

Today’s prompt: Drool

5/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Chicken’

Meet Tiny, our cheeky little bantam. Today’s Inktober prompt “Chicken.”

4/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Spell’

Today’s Inktober prompt is Spell. Have a magical day everyone!   I am a member of blogging communities, you will find my posts here too:

3/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Roasted’

Because nothing beats a good cup of brewed coffee.

2/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Tranquil’

2/31 – Today’s prompt is ‘Tranquil.’ I can’t think of more appropriate tranquility right now than a sparkling clean house <sigh>   I am a member of blogging communities, you will find my posts here too:

1/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Poisonous’

I’m going to try to keep up with #inktober this year but I’m afraid it will all be iPad art as there simply isn’t time for conventional ink this year. The first prompt was ‘poisonous’ (I’m a day behind.)   I am a member of blogging communities, you will find my posts here too: reading 1/31 Inktober 2018 ‘Poisonous’