Artist Interviews

Artist Interview: Klara Jones

Multi-media artist Klara Jones

Artist Interview: Michele Clamp

Scientist turned watercolour painter.

Artist Interview: Julee Latimer

I have a treat for readers today! An exclusive and in-depth interview with one of the most interesting artists I have had the pleasure of speaking to; contemporary artist Julee Latimer. What Julee does with paint will make you look at the materiality of paint in a whole new way! The Interview Who are you … Continue reading Artist Interview: Julee Latimer

Artist Interview: Thomas LaBadia

Thomas LaBadia. The Truth is a Beautiful Thing. 2017. Mixed Media: Collage, Colored Pencil, Acrylic Ink, Pen. Size: 20 x 20

Artist Interview: Paul Hallam

In this final interview of the current series I am delighted to introduce you to the artwork of Australian artist Paul Hallam. Paul’s work is ‘bouncy’ vibrant and energetic, expressed in popular comic style art; a genre that is sadly often undervalued or underestimated in the art world. Paul’s artistic knowledge of anatomy gives his characters structure and believability  and the quirkiness in … Continue reading Artist Interview: Paul Hallam

Artist Interview: Stephen Tiernan

It is my great pleasure to introduce readers to Australian portrait artist, Stephen Tiernan. His portraits are beautifully rendered with expressive brushstrokes and exquisite palettes; however, Tiernan goes beyond that. He successfully manages to capture the emotions of his models, breathing an extraordinary life-like quality into his portraits, giving us  – the viewer – a deeper insight into his subjects. These are more than … Continue reading Artist Interview: Stephen Tiernan

Artist Interview: Andrea Lumsden

no. 8 (the little bowl project), 2015 hessian, ink 6cm (height) x 12.5cm (diameter)

Artist Interview: Petra Kakakios

“The Way We Were” 2015, 29.7 x 42 cm

Artist Interview: ‘Joti’ (Julie Taschke)

Joti. Bi-polar 2015 Glass

Artist Interview: Tracey Fletcher King

Tracey Fletcher King. Teaspoon Header, Dec 2014, Watercolour, acrylic paint, gouache, ephemera, and ink, 180mm x 420mm

Artist Interview: Gaye Tait

Gaye Tait, 2013. Madonna and Child. Mixed media on stretched canvas. 40 x 30 cm.