Material Investigation

Foreign Currency

Material investigations of foreign currency

Bubble Wrap

Material investigations of bubble wrap

Candle Wax

My material investigations working with candle wax

Nylon Stocking

My material investigations with nylon stocking

Copper Wire

Material investigation into copper wire

Clothes Peg

Materially investigating a clothes peg.

Bottle Top

Material investigations into a bottle top

Soda Can

Exploring the materiality of a soda can


Material explorations of a feather

Homemade Paper Maché Clay

Furthering my investigations into paper as a material I sourced a wonderful paper maché clay recipe from Ultimate Paper Maché, a great site for paper maché know-how. I did adapt the recipe somewhat to Australian products but other than that I followed their recipe to a fault. The result was an amazing air-dried clay. Once … Continue reading Homemade Paper Maché Clay