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Sulking because Inktober has ended?

Featuring all 31 drawings together in one post.

Artist Interview: Klara Jones

Multi-media artist, Klara Jones.

Practice drawing at every opportunity

If there is one single ‘truth’ in art it is that Practice is King.

Basic Shapes: Drawing Technique

An effective drawing technique that even new artists can practice with good results.

Top-Down Drawing Technique

Frustrated by drawing? An easy method to draw accurately.

Post Humanism

What might we look like in a Post Humanism world?  My dark creative mind immediately conjured a dystopian future. Yeah, pretty grim stuff but someone’s gotta do it. 

Mark Making with the Body

While examining the marks we make on our environment with our body I decided to focus on an old pair of favourite shoes that I have thoroughly worn out.

Artist Interview: Tracey Fletcher King

Australian artist Tracey Fletcher King is one of my top favourite contemporary artists. I simply adore her unique style of art. Tracey is a wonderful teacher whose enthusiasm and love for artistic expression instills confidence and pride in the work of her students. I could easily wax lyrical about how… Continue Reading “Artist Interview: Tracey Fletcher King”

Little Treasures

I recently blogged about reclaiming the tradition of letter-writing, actual handwritten letters that are sent and received in the mail, something that I have resolved to continue during 2016. I wanted my letters to be creative, to challenge me to create something more than just… Continue Reading “Little Treasures”

Tools of our (artistic) trade

Resources for artists and art lovers

My recipes on TDAC

I have joined the TDAC (They Draw And Cook) crowd, complete with an artist profile.

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