Sulking because Inktober has ended?

Is it really over? So quickly?

Armed with my iPad and stylus I tackled this year’s Inktober with enthusiasm once I got past the ‘but it’s not ink’ dialogue in my head and focussed instead on doing a drawing a day for practice and fun. The prompts were at times challenging but always enjoyable. With my current focus on portraiture I tried to apply many of the prompts to faces which I had fun with.

I posted daily on a dedicated Inktober page on my site as well as on my Instagram profile but  also wanted to feature all 31 drawings together today, to counteract the collective Inktober-has-ended sulk.

Did you do Inktober this year? Post a link in the comments to your site featuring your drawings, I’d love to see them!

Below are thumbnails of all 31 drawings for this year’s challenge. I hope you enjoyed them as much as what I did drawing them.