Sulking because Inktober has ended?

Is it really over? So quickly?

Armed with my iPad and stylus I tackled this year’s Inktober with enthusiasm once I got past the ‘but it’s not ink’ dialogue in my head and focussed instead on doing a drawing a day for practice and fun. The prompts were at times challenging but always enjoyable. With my current focus on portraiture I tried to apply many of the prompts to faces which I had fun with.

I posted daily on a dedicated Inktober page on my site as well as on my Instagram profile but  also wanted to feature all 31 drawings together today, to counteract the collective Inktober-has-ended sulk.

Did you do Inktober this year? Post a link in the comments to your site featuring your drawings, I’d love to see them!

Below are thumbnails of all 31 drawings for this year’s challenge. I hope you enjoyed them as much as what I did drawing them.







Practice drawing at every opportunity

If there is one single ‘truth’ in art it is that Practice is King. Since I’ve been taking my iPad with me wherever I go I have had many opportunities to practice my drawing without being too obvious about it. People get self-conscious when they know you are sketching them.

At our monthly portrait group meet up on Sunday I was grateful for the opportunity to capture facial expressions. My iPad drawings are rough, just quick planning sketches, some of which will become traditional oil paintings. I love the freedom that these quick sketches give me to not be too precious about the outcome and to have a source of inspiration to develop a larger or more complex work from later.

klara-guarded copy

I use a rubber-tipped stylus and a drawing App called ‘Sketches’, unfortunately my iPad is too old for newer drawing Apps like Procreate; but the App that I use serves my purposes well enough.

That’s my drawing tip for today. Thanks for visiting. 🙂


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