‘Nature Morte’ – Pablo Picasso

‘Nature Morte’ boasts long lazy and continuous lines as they sweep across the painting in a relaxed and confident manner, employing the Gestalt principle of good continuation. Contrasted with shorted bursts of line emanating from the light bulb overhead. Here is a scene that takes place after the rush of the day is complete and the subject relaxes over a meal and wine. Forgotten is the harshness of the day with its perils and challenges, as the focus moves to this moment, this experience of winding down in the evening.

Picasso has once again captured wonderful shapes represented as abstract shapes, reflective shapes and shadow shapes; all of which adds depth and interest to his artwork. The earthy tones of terracotta and grey/blue contribute to the calm of the scene before us. His white and black lines are confident, implying a strong connection to the hearth and home as the subject basks in the warmth of comfort and a home cooked meal.

This is a scene that we can all relate to, the homecoming after a long day at work. It speaks of home comforts and security and the simple pleasures and satisfaction of good home-grown nourishment. From this point of view I think the artist is inviting us to see his work from a viewing context, because while food can be obtained anywhere there is nothing quite like the comforts of home.


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