Studio Practice Hours – freebie

Artists and art students like me have to plan our time well. We’re all juggling many different tasks daily. Our families, our work and even our social lives take up big chunks of our time. In order to create art we need to allocate time for studio practice. We’re only artists if we actually create art!

To achieve this I allocate a set amount of hours per week that I plan to spend in studio, I slot my studio hours in daily. Some days mornings in studio work best for me, other days I allocate a few hours in the afternoon. Here is a handy Studio Practice Hours roster that can be adapted to your schedule. Simply download (right click to save the image to your hard drive), print and laminate. Use a whiteboard marker to record the time you plan to be in studio daily and try to stick to it.

Tip: Place this on your studio door to let others in your household know when you’re unavailable.


In response to the WP Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway