Six Word Story: Sin

‘Thou shalt not give a damn.’

thou shalt not give a damn

In response to the Sometimes Stellar’s Six Word Story. Prompt: Sin

Little Treasures


I recently blogged about reclaiming the tradition of letter-writing, actual handwritten letters that are sent and received in the mail, something that I have resolved to continue during 2016. I wanted my letters to be creative, to challenge me to create something more than just writing a letter so I set out to include a hand-made ‘something’ in each letter I send.

For the latest letter that I will be mailing to my sister in the UK I am including two mini sketchbooks, small and thin enough to include in the envelope. To make these I cut watercolour paper to size, rounded the corners and bound the pages together to form cute mini-sized sketchbooks which I have since filled with little drawings. These little treasures are about the size of a standard business card. 🙂

The first booklet is about everyday things around me, random objects which gave me reason to practice drawing from life. The second booklet is a botanical one, filled with different blossoms, these were based on photographs. I ink washed the mini-sketches to give them some definition but may add colour too before mailing them with my next letter.

Daily Prompt: Resolved (Have you made a New Year’s resolution that you kept?)

Can you say procrastinate?

Daily Prompt: It Builds Character
Tell us about a favourite character from film, theater, or literature, 
with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?

Okay, so I am off topic on this one, but… I am a procrastinator, I admit it. Right now, instead of finalising my assignments for uni (fine art studies) I am doing silly things like trying to sketch the alphabet as it might look when I say the letters. I have no idea why. <sigh>

Pencil down. Kettle on. No really, I am thirsty (did I just justify yet another procrastination tactic?) But seriously, after tea that’s it, no more doodling; I have essays to write.

Facial Features – quick study

Facial Features – quick study, 2015. Graphite in sketchbook. Size: A5.

Left Hand

Left Hand, 2015. Graphite on paper. A5

There’s always something to sketch. 🙂 This is one of my ‘evening’ sketches done a few months ago. Materials: Graphite in sketchbook. Size: A5

One happy smile deserves another

In between uni studies I managed to do a quick doodle in my sketchbook of this little character who seems to be really happy today. 🙂

He needs a name I think, what shall I call him?


I find keeping a sketchbook is a valuable habit that assist me with my artistic abilities. Like many things practicing one’s art is one of the cornerstones to becoming a great artist. For me it is key to remind myself that it is only a sketchbook, a place where I can make rough sketches, practice my shading or any other aspect of drawing, without worrying about the outcome. With this attitude I try to do at least one little sketch every night – no matter how silly my subject – and it is definitely paying off.

I try to remember to take my sketchbook with me whenever I go out, but truth be told I usually forget to do that. Fortunately there is always something to be sketched in my immediate vicinity, even if it is only a mug of tea!