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Six Word Story: Sin

‘Thou shalt not give a damn.’ In response to the Sometimes Stellar’s Six Word Story. Prompt: Sin

Little Treasures

I recently blogged about reclaiming the tradition of letter-writing, actual handwritten letters that are sent and received in the mail, something that I have resolved to continue during 2016. I wanted my letters to be creative, to challenge me to create something more than just…

Can you say procrastinate?

I am doing silly things like trying to sketch the alphabet as it might look when I say the letters.

Facial Features – quick study

A quick facial features study.

Left Hand

Left Hand, 2015. Graphite on paper. A5 There’s always something to sketch. 🙂 This is one of my ‘evening’ sketches done a few months ago. Materials: Graphite in sketchbook. Size: A5

One happy smile deserves another

In between uni studies I managed to do a quick doodle in my sketchbook of this little character who seems to be really happy today. 🙂 He needs a name I think, what shall I call him?


I try to do at least one little sketch every night – no matter how silly my subject – and it is definitely paying off.

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